Code of Conduct Policy

Mission and Purpose

Samuel Read Hall Library Mission
The Samuel Read Hall Library supports the academic, intellectual and cultural life of the Lyndon State College community, as well as the information needs of the Northeast Kingdom. The Library provides an environment conducive to academic endeavor and intellectual development, in which the rights of all users are respected.

Willey Library Mission
Information literacy is a powerful foundation for every person’s education. We believe that libraries and librarians play a pivotal role in teaching individuals how to transform information into knowledge for academic success, civic engagement and personal enrichment.

User Privileges 

Library users may expect:

  • Guidance in how to access information services and resources.
  • Courteous and professional assistance.
  • A clean and reasonably quiet environment.
  • Confidentiality: In accordance with the American Library Association’s Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records and Vermont Act 22 V.S.A. § 172. Library record confidentiality; exemptions, the Northern Vermont University Libraries do not reveal information regarding any individual’s use of the Library without the consent of the library user(s) concerned, unless obligated to do so by a lawfully issued court order. This policy of confidentiality applies to circulation records, use of computers and the internet, and any services rendered by the library.

User Responsibilities 

Users of the Northern Vermont University Libraries are required to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that respects the library’s mission and does not interfere with other users. Any library user who disregards these requirements and responsibilities is subject to removal from the library or the suspension, restriction or removal of their library privileges.

Respecting library services: Library users are required to:

  • AllowlLibrary staff and student workers to carry out their duties without interference, obstruction or harassment.
  • Comply with the Library’s Circulation Policy.
  • Comply with staff and student workers’ directions, including showing a library card, allowing the inspection of bags and containers, and leaving the building in a timely manner.
  • Obtain authorization for any event or meeting.

Respecting other library users: Library users are required to:

  • Refrain from behavior that other library users might reasonably find disruptive or offensive.
  • Ensure that conversations (in person, by phone and online) do not disturb other library users. 
  • Refrain from making any video, audio, or photographic recording without the consent of the person(s) being recorded.

Respecting library property: Library users are required to:

  • Observe the library policy on posting.
  • Refrain from any activity that may damage, deface or hide library property.
  • Refrain from any activity that may tamper with the library’s infrastructure, including fire and alarm systems.
  • Enter only authorized areas of the library.

Respecting applicable regulations and laws: Library users are required to observe:

  • Relevant NVU and VSC policies and regulations, including VSC computing policies .
  • Federal or state law, including intellectual property laws.

Respecting individual responsibilities: Library users are responsible for:

  • All personal belongings.
  • The conduct of all minors in their care, including children’s use of library resources.

Approved June 20, 2018