Article Databases & Periodicals

Article Databases

NVU Libraries offers access to thousands of academic journals, trade publications, popular magazines, and more. You can access articles within each publication through the SearchNorth Platform. SearchNorth provides access to nearly all of NVU Libraries’ resources in one location. (Please note that some databases such as ProQuest Central and Oxford Music Online are not searched through SearchNorth.) Alternatively, you can search our databases individually. This will give you fewer, but more targeted results. See below for more information on our A-Z page

Are you ready to find scholarly articles on your subject? Search our databases A-Z page. NVU Libraries offer discipline-specific databases for every major and area of study at the university.

If you are just getting started, we recommend using the following multidisciplinary databases:


Print and Electronic Periodicals

NVU Libraries has a wide range of journals, newspapers, and magazines in print. Print periodicals are for use only in the Library.

For a complete list of NVU Libraries’ print and electronic journals, use our Journal Search Platform. When searching, it is best to either use a journal/periodical title or a descriptive keyword such as “education” or “neuroscience.” 

NVU Libraries also has microfilm of the back issues of several newspapers. The microfilm reels and microfilm machines are available for use by all library patrons. You can print images from the microfilm for ยข10 a page or create digital images for free.