Gifts and Donations Policy

Northern Vermont University Libraries are grateful for donations of books and other materials supporting the curriculum and research needs of Northern Vermont University. However, the library reserves the right to choose materials best serving these purposes. Gifts may be added to the collection, sold with the proceeds to benefit the Library, recycled when possible, or discarded. Policy is as follows:

  • General selection criteria apply
  • Gift materials will be integrated into an appropriate collection, not placed in separate areas requiring special conditions, controls, or staffing, unless stipulated by the Director.
  • The library will not accept donated materials containing biased opinion unless the donor provides other information sources with balancing points of view.

Library and donor responsibilities:

  • Donors are responsible for determining fair market value. The library does not provide appraisals for tax purposes.
  • The library is responsible for providing to the donor a list of titles of donated materials.
    Generally, the library will not pick up materials that are being donated.

The following materials generally will not be accepted:

  • Materials in poor condition. Mold and mildew, in particular, are serious hazards and we do not have the facilities or staff to remedy these problems.
  • Textbooks.
  • Titles already owned by the Library.