Posting Policy

Northern Vermont University Libraries do not require approval of campus postings on library bulletin boards as long as postings follow Library policy guidelines. It is however common courtesy to ask before you post.

Posting is considered to be any information tacked, tied, taped, glued, stuck on, or stapled to any surface in the library.

Northern Vermont University Libraries welcomes and encourages members of the NVU community, either as individuals or as members of campus organizations, to communicate information about events, concerns or other matters of general interest. We do, however, request that you respect campus facilities and not remove other organizations’ postings when putting up your information.

When posting information, please adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines apply to posting paper flyers, posters, advertising materials, etc. in the library:



Materials may be posted on bulletin boards without approval

  • Posting in any other areas or surfaces must have prior approval.
  • Content should be appropriate for public display.
  • The announcement should have a stated deadline with contact information.
  • Postings must be done in a respectful manner. This includes not taking down, covering or interfering with another organization’s posting.
  • Library staff will remove materials posted without prior approval in any un-designated areas.
  • Because of safety issues and/or courtesy, some areas should never be used for posting. Postings found in these areas will be removed immediately:
    • windows or on doors in public areas
    • mirrors or on the glass front of display cases
    • over pictures or over other signs
    • on painted walls

Northern Vermont University Libraries reserve the right to remove any posted material at any time from anywhere within the library.

Approved December 12, 2011.