Reserve information for faculty

How do I make a reserve request?

Complete the NVU Libraries – Reserve Request Form. This form is required each time you make a reserve request.

Your name, course number and full bibliographic citation for the material are essential. You must also indicate how you are complying with the copyright law as it relates to the item.

Once you have submitted a completed form, our staff will retrieve the material from the stacks. Please allow two business days for this. If we have problems processing material, we will send you an email describing the circumstances.

NVU Libraries Reserves Policy states that “faculty must give the circulation department at least one week to properly process materials to be put on reserve.” Please take this into account and plan ahead. It is frustrating to students when they are assigned a reading that is not yet available.


Why put an item on reserve?

The library’s Reserve shelves are a good option when multiple students in a class need occasional access to an item but they are not required to have their own individual copy.

Reserve items typically have a loan period between two and 48 hours. Limiting the loan period encourages a quick turnaround, ensuring the item is used when needed and returned quickly for the next borrower.


What can I put on reserve?

  • Material owned by NVU Libraries
  • Personal books
    Be aware that these books will be bar-coded, stripped for the security system and have a red dot placed on the spine. We do not recommend that any rare books or valuable items be placed on reserve. We cannot be responsible for damage to or loss of personal material.
  • Photocopies of articles
    Only one copy of a particular article can be put on reserve for any one course. The faculty member is responsible for copyright compliance (see below) and providing the photocopy.
  • Video and audio recordings
    You may place an archival copy of the item on reserve to protect the original from overuse. You must personally own the original. There are facilities for viewing and listening in the library. Headphones for each piece of equipment may be charged out at the circulation desk.


The following materials may NOT be placed on reserve:

  • Copies of commercial video or audio material that you do not personally own.
  • Reference books
  • Entire print journals from the library’s collection
  • Workbooks/course packs that are not copyright-compliant
  • Items on loan from another library, including interlibrary loan


Using copyrighted material for reserves

The VSC Library Copyright Guidelines require that copyright protected materials only be used in ways that comply with the law.

Items are copyright-EXEMPT if they are:

  • Owned by NVU Libraries
  • Your personal copy (but not a reproduction, e.g. photocopies, video copied from broadcast or otherwise duplicated)
  • An archival copy of a video that you personally own that was made for preservation
  • In the public domain
  • Considered “fair use

Have you had this material on reserve before? If so, most interpretations of fair use consider it advisable to obtain permission for subsequent uses.

If you need to have permission to use the material, it is your responsibility to obtain it and include a copy of the permission with your reserve request. If you have asked for permission but have yet to receive it, attach a copy of your request. We advise you to keep good records.

If you have any questions, please contact the Library or check the Copyright Page for more information on this subject.


Have questions? Contact us.

Jeff Angione, Circulation Coordinator (Willey Library, NVU-Johnson)
Phone: (802) 635-1273

Jay Bona, Circulation Coordinator (Samuel Read Hall Library, NVU-Lyndon)
Phone: (802) 626-6447