Social Media Policy

Social Media can significantly impact an organizational or a professional reputation. The Northern Vermont University Libraries have adopted this policy to set standards and maintain professional and personal reputations while participating in social media.

I. Purpose

The Northern Vermont University Libraries will use social media for outreach to the The Northern Vermont University and surrounding communities.

Postings shall:

  • Compliment the library’s mission to develop user-centered services and information resources.
  • Provide a friendly, professional and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Promote information skills and critical thinking.
  • Act as an avenue for communication with the library to foster psychological ownership of the library by students, faculty, staff and guests.

II. Content

What is posted represents the library. It is public and it is permanent. Information published in any social media profile should be:

  • Free from spelling and grammar errors.
  • Accurate, and consistent with information provided on the The Northern Vermont University Libraries website.
  • If the post targets a specific audience (NVU students, or a specific department, etc) that audience should be listed at the beginning of the post (i.e. “Attention Visual Arts students! [content]”).
  • Do not post confidential information about Vermont State Colleges, students, employees or alumni.

III. Intellectual Property/Permissions

The library is responsible for what is posted on its social media pages. Individual bloggers have been held liable for commentary deemed to be copyright infringement, defamatory, proprietary, libelous, or obscene (as defined by the courts). Be mindful of copyright protections.

  • Always give people proper credit for their work, and make sure you have the right to use something before you share it.
  • Never post copyrighted photos, music, text or video content without permission of the copyright owner.

IV. Comments

The Northern Vermont University Libraries will respond in a friendly, professional manner, treating all interactions as extensions of Circulation/Reference questions.

  • Staff members will respond to all comments and messages publicly within the platform where they are received as soon as possible, and privately as appropriate.
  • Comments should be relevant to the specific post to which they are attached.
  • Discussion/debate is encouraged amongst the audience.
  • Comments and user-generated messages are subject to removal by the Northern Vermont University Libraries staff if they contain offensive language, content, etc.

V. Tips

  • Make every word count, and don’t abbreviate.
  • Keep it simple—less is more. You can link to the full story.
  • Use a URL shortener (like or to keep the post from getting cluttered with a long address.
  • Try to limit proxied links, and if you do make one, be sure to put in the post that you’ll need to log in to the Portal to access it.

VI. Technical

Social Media accounts and settings will be accessible by any staff member who requests access. To request access or get assistance configuring social media accounts and settings, contact the Public Services Librarian.